Welcome! Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, Lyons, KS     


Daughters of the King are women and girls who desire a closer walk with the Lord. Their mission is the extension of Christ's Kingdom through Prayer, Service and Evangelism. Today their members include the Anglican, Episcopal, Luthern (ELCA) and Roman Catholic Churches. If you are interested and desire additional information contact Kathy Young.

The mission of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew is to prepare men and boys for discipleship and to bring them into the deepest possible relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ by following the rules of daily prayer, regular study, and committed service. If you are interested and wish further information contact Larry Young.

We are the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) of St. Mark's, our mission is to unite women in Christ and in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, through a program of worship, study and service which will deepen and strengthen our spiritual lives and lead us into Christian service where ever it takes us. ECW meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm. Wanting more information see Mary Viel

Here are a few activities & ministries that may interest you.

The Altar Guild is a ministry of service, it's members work quietly behind the scenes to make the worship life of St. Marks run efficiently. Performing the duties of setting up the altar and credence table with all necessary items, maintaining the linens, polishing, filling candles and so much more. If you feel this might be something you're wanting to pursue contact Jean Swisher or any member of the Altar Guild.


Come and join our adult Bible Study, 2nd and 4th, Sunday mornings at 9:30, led by Larry and Kathy Young. Learn how the Bible impacts our lives and how it contains all things necessary for salvation. This class is all about helping you, through guided discussion, to open and unravel the Holy Scriptures in a relaxed and casual group setting. It's a fun way to study the Bible.


Eucharistic Ministers (EM): If you find yourself homebound and would like to receive Holy Communion, one of St. Mark's EM's will be happy to drop by your home or care facility and minister the Thanksgiving Meal of the Church. If you are interested in receiving training to become an EM see the Vicar.


Worshiping Christ is the corner stone for Christian faith. Our service is from the Book of Common Prayer, readings from the Bible and is in two segments, the Proclamation of the Word and the Celebration of Holy Communion. We offer one Sunday service at 10:15. You are invited to join us in worshiping, praising our Lord and sharing in Christian fellowship. Let's come together making a joyful noise.


The Ministry of Acolytes: Their duty is to attend to the service of the altar and to assist the clergy as needed in the celebration of the Mass. They carry torches, crosses, thuribles, alms basins and cruets. They're a vital part of worship, they blend into the background helping our liturgies flow smoothly. Whether a young person, or adult, it is a privilege to serve at God's altar. If you feel called to acolyte, contact the Vicar.